We give offline classes only in times without lockdown restrictions. The place and time of the classes are agreed separately.
Kid's Laboratory "Dive into Research"
A 3-day laboratory introducing scientific research to children. Groups of 4-6 kids. 6 hours of classes a day. It was conducted for children 10 - 12 years old and for adolescents 12-16 years old.
"Dive into Research" Laboratory for Adults
A 2-day laboratory. Within the framework of the laboratory, adults got acquainted with the Map of Interests tool. They raised their scientific question. Received an overview of applied research methods and information resources. We built our own research project.
Kid's Research Institute
Additional lessons are organised once a week. The purpose of the classes is to expand the sphere of interests of a child. Developing the skills of posing a scientific question, collecting information, formulating a hypothesis, and designing an experiment to test it.
Da Vinci!
We invite teenagers and adults to the exploration, play, and educational immersion "Da Vinci!" Find more information on the link in the top menu.
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