Project Team
Maryna Lukach

I am a researcher working at the University of Leeds.
I have a master's degree in mathematics. In Belgium, I completed a master's program in computer science and a Ph.D. at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. Now I apply the acquired skills to meteorology. An experience, that I got at the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium and a postgraduate studies of weather and climate models that I completed at the University of Ghent finish the picture.
Now, I am analyzing radar data at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). Science gets along with my love for theater and with my passion for the topic of education. My long-term romance with the theater resulted in a combined application of the theatrical experience and scientific knowledge in teaching.
Ruslan Lukach
I am an economic analyst. I received my Economics MA in the USA and my Ph.D. in Applied Economics in Belgium. I worked as a researcher at the University of Antwerp, at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.
Currently I work on economic forecasts and modeling at the DG for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission. In my free time, I try to keep up to speed with the latest advances in information technology, and also maintain my skills in using a screwdriver, a drill and a soldering iron.
"Da, Vinci!" Team
An international team cooperated with us on the creation of the immersion "Da, Vinci!"
Stanislas Falkovich
Thoughtful contemplator
He is interested in texts, pictures, their meanings, and the details of everything related to Culture, History and Physics.
Alexandra Ivanova
Inquisitive figure
Knowledge, active participation and creative support at all stages of the project.
Alexey Shakirov
Loves jokes and experiments
A helping practitioner in all disciplines. Gamification and psycology.
Tamara Slavina
Atmosphere creator
Psychology and game practice in action. She is interested in everything about the atmosphere and artistic expression.
Igor Skirnevsky
Inspiration Organizer
He is an inspirer of systematization and a systematizer of inspiration. He developed the idea of immersion and details of its implementation.
Mikhail Lukach
Student trainee
He is a D&D shaman and a fan of the theater world. He will participate as an assistant. The irreplaceable Leonardo of young age.
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