Online classes
in groups of 4-6 participants.
Series of games "Travel with the Map of Science"
A scientific role-playing quest. It provides an acquaintance with the Map of Sciences and the connection of theory with the practical application of knowledge.
A serie of 5 lessons for 9-11 year olds or 12-14-year-olds.
Series of games "Time of Invention"
Evolution of the Map of Sciences from antiquity to the present day. Review of scientific discoveries.
A series of 6 lessons for 12-14 year-olds teenagers.
"Dive into Research" laboratory for teenagers
The laboratory introduces adolescents to scientific research. The path from an Interest Map through a scientific question to a finished research project. There are 18 hours of classes in groups of 4-6 people.
A Map of Interest for adults "Light... Camera... Action!"
A work with a Map of Interests accompanied by a photographer. Two 2-hour sessions will help you determine the general vector in your field of interest and formulate it. An opportunity to clarify or find a new direction of your activity.
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